Laser Cutter

The 100W CO2 laser cutter

Training Info

If you would like to be trained on the laser cutter, please ask in #pewpew in the Discord, or email



Never never never ever ever use these materials in the laser cutter, they produce nasty poisons and other things that can be bad for you and the machine.

  • ABS
  • Vinyl
  • PVC

Cuttable Materials

These materials are ok to cut in the laser cutter. If your material is NOT listed here, please do NOT cut it, bring a scrap sample to a laser trainer who can determine if the material is safe to cut and how.


  • Engraving: 100-400mm/s @ 5-20W
  • Edge Lit Sign Engraving: 400mm/s @ 20W is usually fine
  • Cutting
    • 1/4in = 8mm/s @ 60W
    • 1/8in = 20mm/s @ 60W