A brief list of some tools and their status

3D Printers

Sparkmaker SLA Printer

Status as of 2019-08-23

Seems to be fully functional, but prints wont stick to the print plate. A new FEP had no effect. It's unclear what the cause of this was. It might have simply been the orientation of the printed part, given it's surface area. The resin is also possibly a little older than is desirable.

Book Scanners

Czur Book Scanner

Status as of 2021-05-29

Fully functional.

Sewing Machines

General Status as of 2021-05-29

As far as we know, one of the three machines is functional. The other two have damage that require work to both diagnose and fix.

CNC Machines


General Status as of 2020-01-14

Works! more details here.

Laser Cutter

General Status as of 2021-05-29

Works! more details here