Access & Responsibilities

Who has access to what and who is responsible for what

Access & Responsibilities

This document lists the various systems / things that have limited access, and who has access to them. In some cases, where applicable, the main responsible person(s) are noted.

Bank Account

Space Access

Inner door key

Gate key

  • Everyone with inner door key
  • Austin
  • Nick (Atmos)
  • Brooke
  • Charlie Jane
  • Kelly
  • Tiffany
  • Nick P (Noisebridge)
  • Step
  • Jonas

IT / Systems / Infrastructure

Email with any questions etc...

KeePass Password

DNS (queeriouslabs.{com,net,org})

  • Beka (private account)

Twitter (@QueeriousLabs)

  • KeePass Users


  • KeePass Users

GitHub Org (





Most access to various Google / GSuite resources are done through groups.

GDrive Shared Folder

Calendar: Queerious Labs Events

Cloud Platform Project

Our VPSs etc… are hosted on Google Cloud Platform under the project: Core Infrastructure (onyx-glider-237821)

Owners (manage)

  • GSuite Admins
  • Sam (responsible)
  • r

Global SSH to All VMs (manage)

VM: tachikoma ( (manage)

  • Manage:
    • Cloud Platform Project Owners
  • SSH:
    • Global SSH