<!-- TITLE: Systems & Infrastructure --> If you have a question / concern about anything related to this page, feel free to reach out to <sysadmins@queeriouslabs.com>. # TODO: * Finish wiki install: * create systemd unit file * create environment file with google auth credentials * copy config file to ansible * see if we can get websockets working * move secrets to ansible-vault * move discourse over to tachikoma (r) * change DNS registrar to google domains # Access For details of who has access to what, please see the [Access & Responsibilities](/organization/access) page. # GSuite We have a free GSuite account, that we use for email, groups, calendars, drive, google cloud platform etc etc... We try to provision as much access as possible using groups, primarily the <members@queeriouslabs.com> group, which will be kept up to date with the list of active members. This simplifies the access control greatly. Anyone that is given admin access **must have 2FA enabled on their account**. # VMs The majority of our VM administration is done through [ansible](https://www.ansible.com/), and configuration is stored on GitHub: https://github.com/queeriouslabs/infrastructure The one exception to this is the VM that hosts [discourse.queeriouslabs.com](https://discourse.queeriouslabs.com/login), which is currently on Beka's personal VM, and needs to be moved over. ## Tachikoma ( > [Manage](https://console.cloud.google.com/compute/instancesDetail/zones/us-west1-b/instances/tachikoma?project=onyx-glider-237821) Currently a n1-standard Google Compute Engine VM. All services running on this VM should be set up using ansible, and use systemd unit files to start on boot. # DNS Currently managed by Beka, this should be transferred over to google domains. # Website (queeriouslabs.com) > [Source](https://github.com/queeriouslabs/www.queeriouslabs.com) The main website is a hugo website, hosted on tachikoma, and made available via caddy. Source is available on GitHub: https://github.com/queeriouslabs/www.queeriouslabs.com ## Website Webhooks > [Source](https://github.com/queeriouslabs/webhooks) The are webhooks exposed at `queeriouslabs.com/webhooks` that allow us to trigger certain things when we receive HTTP requests. It's currently a small nodejs application that listens to port `3000` and is made available through caddy reverse proxying to the local `3000` port. Right now, the only webhook is one that triggers the server to run the website [`deploy.sh`](https://github.com/queeriouslabs/www.queeriouslabs.com/blob/master/deploy.sh), which pulls down the latest source code from GitHub and builds the website. We've linked this up with GitHub so that whenever `master` is updated on GitHub, the website updated to reflect that. # Wiki (wiki.queeriouslabs.com) Currently a Wiki.js (v1) wiki on tachikoma, listening locally on port `3010`, made available through caddy reverse proxying to this port. Everyone who has an `@queeriouslabs.com` account should use google to log in, but we can also allow guests to log in using either another google account, or a username/pw. All the content is synced with the GitHub repo here: https://github.com/queeriouslabs/wiki # Discourse (discourse.queeriouslabs.com) Currently hosted on Beka's server, we need to move this over onto queerious labs infrastructure (probably tachikoma), and ensure we back things up properly.