<!-- TITLE: Queerious Labs --> Welcome to the wiki of [queerious labs](https://queeriouslabs.com/). Here is where we document all elements of the operation of the space, and of our community. # About Queerious Labs Queerious Labs is an experimental art and technology creative space and community workshop located in San Francisco's SoMa district. We're queers, women, feminists, people of color, trans folx — basically a collection of social outcasts — looking for new ways of organizing social situations in technically and artistically constructive contexts. To find out more, or to find out how to get involved, visit our [homepage](https://queeriouslabs.com/). You can also [donate](https://queeriouslabs.com/donate) or [become a patron](https://www.patreon.com/QueeriousLabs). ## Code of Conduct Queerious Labs has a Code of Conduct that we take very seriously. We want this place to be safe and welcoming to marginalized people of all sorts. This code of conduct can be found [on our homepage](https://queeriouslabs.com/). # Core Wiki Pages * Organization * Membership (TODon't) * [Modding Process](/organization/modding) * [Mods](/organization/mods) * [Access & Responsibilities](/organization/access) - Who has access to what and who is responsible for what * [Financial Information](/financial-information) - Our financial information * [Compliance Information](/compliance-information) - Stuff we need to do for compliance as a CA non-profit * [Weekly Meetings](/weekly-meetings) * [Systems & Infrastructure](/infrastructure) * [Events & Classes](/events) - What events & classes are coming up? * [People](/people) * [Projects](/projects) - What cool things are people working on? * [Tools](/tools) - What tools do we have and what is the status of them?